Sachets (edge-sealed bags) have a low weight and have excellent barrier properties.

They are ideal for the production of cosmetic samples, advertising materials or travel products. Made from durable, stable and thin composite films (e.g. PET/Alu/PE or PAPER/Alu/PE) we supply sachets as well as their contract filling such as cosmetics, liquid, powder and granular foods.

  • Minimum quantity: 5,000 pieces
  • Round and Euro punching possible
  • Standard sachets, magazine sachets
  • Double chamber sachets
  • Packaging and further packaging in e.g. supplied folding cards are possible
  • Contract filling of liquids, creams, lotions, gels and powder products
  • Partial painting / spot paint possible

As a further alternative to the classic sachets, we can also offer STICKS.

Sticks are handy, resource-efficient and consumer-friendly. They are ideally suited for packaging small quantities, e.g. In the field of cosmetics (e.g. as a single use or tester) and food (e.g. as a portion packaging) and noticeably facilitate dosing.

We would be pleased to provide you with a suitable offer for your products on your request.