Plastic packaging for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

For over 40 years

Plastics are sustainable

Environmental compatibility of our packaging
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Plastics are sustainable

In the original definition, sustainability means "lasting effect for a long time". Sustainability has long since left forestry behind and is now also found in many other areas of life.

It is the challenge for the future to change existing purchasing, consumption and production patterns in such a way that a dignified life is also possible for future generations and at the same time our quality of life and zest for life increases.

We can all contribute to keeping our ecosystem liveable for the benefit of future generations. Each of us can make a contribution through our own actions.
Let us live together sustainably!

MBK Verpackungen

For over 40 years

Plastic packaging for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals has been our sphere of activity. As soon as a customer needs a plastic tube, can or bottle, they come to us.

We are an owner-managed traditional company and have been active on the market for over 40 years. Over time, our product range has adapted individually to market requirements.

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In recent years, the demands and opportunities in the packaging industry have increased. New technologies have emerged, resulting in many different variants.